43 is a public intervention, a photographic portrait and a call to action…  

Venice Biennale May 6-10, 2015

On September 26/27, 2014, 43 Mexican students were kidnapped from the village of Ayotzinapa in the state of Guerrero. Although presumed to be murdered and incinerated no proof of their disappearance has been found, and so they continue to be officially missing. The case of the 43 has become a rallying cry as millions of Mexicans continue to say “Ya me cansé (I’ve had enough)!” to protest the gruesome narco-state violence and demand justice. Beyond its local resonance, this should have urgency to all of us, as our communities and cities’ confront drug epidemics, gangs and gun violence, money-laundering, gentrification and state corruption. The meaning of 43 is global and it impacts us all, so indeed we too should be saying “enough is enough!”

“43” is an ongoing collaborative artwork. It is based on the simple premise that we all share a destiny for which we are collectively responsible. Its multi-platform, multi-locational, glocal (global+local) method explores art disciplines and processes including photography, performance, social practice, street theater, installation, viral marketing, video and digital media. Through a network of interlinking creations and exchanges, “43” aims to engage publics (physical and virtual) in a collective human rights/social justice project.


43 projects:

Venice Biennale, 2015
New York, 2015
Berlin, 2015
Miami, 2015
Oxbridge Academy, Palm Beach, 2016
Marcus Garvey Park, 2016
Venice Biennale, 2017
Nice, 2017